About This Opportunity:

We’re on the hunt for a kickass project manager to join our team in Amsterdam: someone who can turn our vision into projects, tasks, and goals the team can accomplish, and then gracefully guides these projects to success.

As our project manager, you will be responsible for keeping the momentum on projects going whilst keeping the team on track, and our clients in the loop.

We need a dabbler extraordinaire, a Renaissance woman — someone who has hustle, design sense, social media savvy, an obsessive need to follow the data, and the ability lead a team to get stuff done quickly and correctly.

The ideal teammate will embrace the responsibility of managing every project from start to finish, using their smarts, resourcefulness, and next-level organisational skills to deliver high-quality work that’s accurate and always on time. They can juggle multiple projects with grace. And while they’re always anticipating potential issues, they can roll with the punches and problem-solve on the fly. Most importantly, the person who lands this gig needs to LOVE working with people and social media.


  • You’re the master of to-do lists. You ensure every aspect of your assigned projects—from brainstorming to execution—is successfully completed on time.

  • You’re the deadline whisperer. You constantly evaluate every project, adjusting priorities and anticipating issues. Because you’re on top of everything, it’s easy for you to generate status updates and present them.

  • You're our client's best friend. You understand their needs and build a relationship of trust and respect. You make sure the team knows how to keep clients happy.

  • Each of your projects has a different lead, and you’re responsible for onboarding its members and facilitating its communication. You not only answer questions and run interference, but you also ensure that your teammates are focused on their work and feel supported.

  • You create budgets and stick to them. You keep one eye on expenses and the other on sales projections.

  • Quality control begins and ends with you. You triple check, test, and analyze every aspect of your project during every phase, from pre-launch to post-mortem.

  • You're a team player. You're always willing to step in and help execute on all aspects of a project.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • A minimum of one year of experience working in a fast-paced, remote environment.

  • An unshakable ability to work autonomously and stay focused without oversight or hand-holding.

  • Ninja-level mastery of Asana or a similar project management tool.

  • Proficiency in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets. (You find joy in looking for new add-ons and sharing them with the team.)

  • A healthy combination of big-picture perspective and appreciation for the details.

  • A passion for collaboration. Your team members’ success is your success. You want everyone, yourself included, to continue to learn and grow.

  • An appreciation for candor. You can handle it, and you can offer it up.

  • Tech savviness. You’re constantly collecting new tech tools, and you think every new software system is figureoutable.

  • Excellent written communication skills. You get to the point in as few characters as possible.

  • Major chops in the problem-solving category. You’re constantly thinking ahead. And when issues do pop up, they don’t greatly impact your project’s progress or outcome.

  • A growth mindset. You seize opportunities to learn skills outside your job description.

What PixelHaus offers:

  • Competitive compensation
  • A ridiculously awesome work environment - equal parts laid-back startup and motivated meritocracy
  • Tons of training and travel opportunities, including paid courses and industry conferences

This is a unique opportunity to develop your skills and grow into a leader in the online marketing space. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 


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