Bodybees is a Swedish skincare brand created with the mission to provide healthier alternatives for people with eczema and other skin concerns, all their formulas are 100% natural, organic, and sourced from sustainable farms.
Services: Design Support, Web Development, Ongoing Site Management, Shopify Strategy, Content Creation, Paid Ads & Email Marketing



in total online sales


for a $34 product


in their cost per purchase

The Challenge

Running their own ads on a minimal budget was not producing the figures they were hoping to achieve. Bodybees wanted to to get serious about ads and scaling their business, but didn’t know where to start.

The Strategy

Find new customers on Facebook while increasing their existing retention rate with email. We made sure to understand their brand and aim to target the right audiences and build the right funnels to achieve their goals.

The Creative Process

We sourced high-quality user-generated content to boost ROAs on Facebook & Instagram ads, and produced beautiful product photoshoots to build the brand’s perceived value.

A custom Shopify store built to convert

Build custom landing pages for specific angles and niches to significantly increase CVR.

Email Flows to Nurture & Retain Customers

Send highly-targeted automated emails to nurture, retain customers, and create Lifetime Value.

Tools for Bodybees' Success

With an online store that tells the brand’s story and campaigns built to convert, Bodybees successfully launched its DTC channels with a beautiful Shopify store and effective paid ads strategy.

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