Tools To Skyrocket Your Media Buying Business

Startups are built to solve specific problems. When starting out, we focus all our energies on solving that specific problem. Any effort spent on anything else is wasted.

The important thing is to quickly choose tools that won’t slow you down, and keep building.

At PixelHaus, after many trial and errors, we got a pretty good sense of the right tools for the job. Here are few that have been real life savers and money makers.

🚀When it comes to media buying:

In order to make money from ads, emails, landing pages, etc. you need to create content that doesn’t suck.

✅ is a tool for creating eye-catching visuals.

It’s 100% free, and it has amazing templates so you can pretend to be a legit designer by just typing in some words and BOOM it’s suddenly so pretty.

Video works. Period. It works to acquire customers as ads, on landing pages and even in email marketing these days. Promo is not free, but it’s a must-have if you want to create high-impact videos that get you those yummy CTRs.


Setting up a Facebook ad campaign isn’t child’s play. If you want to be sure that your bidding strategy is strong without the need to constantly tweak things here and there.


When it comes to time and effort invested in setting up campaigns properly, this is a life saver.


Not gonna lie, we are really good at Twitter ads and we're pretty proud of it.

Facebook is still our main bae, but being a one-trick pony is never good, amiright? So being good at other social channels (as well as search) has proven to be our secret weapon of mass CPA destruction.

Since Twitter rolled out their beta targeting tools it’s almost as good as Facebook. The volume is not the same, but my CPAs are lower. You can get crazy granular with targeting and the placements are pretty good.

This tool allows you to create a custom audience that you can use to boost the performance of your Twitter posts.

The big advantage of Followerwonk is that you can export followers of any Twitter account into a separate file and filter out bots.

🚀When it comes to team operations and management:

✅ If you’re building a remote team, bookmark this and click all over it:


As soon as you’re ready to pay anyone, employees or contractors, you’ll need payroll. Gusto is a beautiful, easy to use platform with great integrations. You can sync full payroll data to Quickbooks, automatically pay state and federal taxes, and more. Gusto also has a basic set of document signing (e.g. Offer letter, Non-Solicit, Contracts) so you can have on-boarding documents all in one place.

Who needs HR hours when you have that Gusto magic.

✅ Need to book meetings in different time zones and have it synch to your calendars so you don’t forget?

✅ Team communication?, duh.

✅ Team collaboration? all day.

✅ All logins and passwords in one super safe bullet-proof place?

Hope you found tools to help you do your thang better and faster than before.

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