Facebook Creative Dynamic Optimization

Facebook is constantly coming out with new features and updates for their ad platform, so you gotta keep learning.🤓

📝 One of the newer features that came out in September is Dynamic Creative Optimization (“DCO” moving forward). DCO is basically automated A/B testing for your Facebook ads.

💰These past couple of months I've been testing this new feature out. I thought I'd share my findings with you so you can hopefully save time and make more money with your FB ads. 💰

Here’s what I learned:

✅ DCO uses it’s super smart algorithms to create complete ads out of individual pieces. So you drop in the text, headlines, descriptions, CTAs, etc. and the algorithm decides what combo works best.

✅There are some limitations. The only objectives you can use are conversions, app installs, and traffic. You’re also limited to only single image or single video posts. On top of that, Facebook recommends that you use pretty broad audiences when using DCO (no Lookalikes for example)

✅ DCO will save you time! When you plug in all 5 variations for text and all 10 variations for creative, DCO can automatically create 6,250 different ads. Imagine how long it would take you to do that manually.

✅ DCO is a better A/B tester than you. This one’s kinda obvious, but the benefit here is that DCO is quicker than you. It’s able to learn very quickly what works and what doesn’t. It’s also monitoring your ads 24/7. Even the best Ad Managers aren’t working 24/7.

✅ Surprisingly, DCO works really well for retargeting. I have one campaign with 51% lower CPAs using DCO for retargeting ads.

🚨 You might wanna stop what you’re doing and get your retargeting ads set up with DCO.


We haven't seen good long-term results with DCO. It’s great for uncovering new high-performing ads. But, after you figure out what works, it’s better to go manual.

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